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Newly developed: maximum thermostat cable

Recently we developed a maximum thermostat power cord for a manufacturer of manifolds. This was successful: the manifolds of this client will be equipped with our maximum thermostat power cords.

The client approached us with the request of designing a new solution for his current system, which did not function optimally. The temperature sensor did not always work and its connector did not always fit well into the connection in the corresponding pump.


The power cord is made from PVC with 100% copper conductors (H05VV-F 3x0.75mm2) and equipped with all the required certificates for use throughout Europe. In addition, the cable is available in any length required (with minimum length of 30 cm).


We have used a ‘self-repairing’ Clixon sensor (open in a rest position). The Clixon sensor protects the pump against over-heating of the manifold.

The sensor has a steel top side, which uses a bi-metal to measure the surface temperature. This surface must have a 100% contact surface. No air must come between the sensor and the measuring surface, because air functions as an insulator. If there is no optimal contact surface, then the sensor – and therefore also the system – switches incorrectly, with all its related consequences. It is therefore of vital importance that the sensor is not positioned lower than the surface.

With our production method, we can guarantee a tolerance of 0.0695~0.1695mm. The sensor shuts off the power supply as soon as the temperature reaches above 55°C; if the temperature is below 37°C, the power supply is automatically restored.   Furthermore, the sensor is built into a flood-proof housing and equipped with pull-relief on both sides. That enables you to mount the sensor on any desired spot and the sensor can withstand a tensile force of 20 kg. Furthermore, we have made a recess in the housing for affixing optimally with tie-wrap.


The power cords are available in various versions. You can opt for example for a pump-specific connector. The maximum thermostat cable can also be equipped with wire-end-ferrules or other client-specific solutions.

For more information about maximum thermostat cable and other client-specific solutions, please contact us.


Maximaal-thermostaatsnoer met connector voor Wilo-pomp

Maximaal-thermostaatsnoer met connector voor Wilo-pomp