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Case: cable assembly for illuminated road markings

We recently worked on a solution together with Heijmans for new illuminated road markings along the N329 in Oss (Road of the Future). By joining the effort at an early phase, we were able to develop a suitable sustainable cable assembly.

Heijmans sought a flexible partner for this project with whom they would be able to act quickly during the test phase. They also wanted a partner who could grow along with bigger projects in the future. Based on those requirements, they chose us.

SolutionWeg van de toekomst Heijmans
We advised Heijmans in choosing materials for the entire process: from the design phase to serial production. The materials had to be able to deal with the extreme conditions present in and near the road surface, such as dampness, temperature differences, vibrations, dirt, etc.

The ‘new’ Road of the Future
The road markings consist of a solid white line that integrates one-meter long illuminated lighting elements. The lines light up in different colours, are fully programmable and are a new step forwards in the further development of illuminated road markings. Moreover, the lighting is an energy-efficient variant of traditional street lighting. Naturally, these new markings comply with all legislation and regulations for road markings. 

The project was realised in September, and will be used for research purposes in 2017.

Heijmans wants to increase its insight into these kinds of techniques, and conducts research into the behaviour of road users. The insights that this provides will then contribute to the development of new products to increase the safety and traffic flow of road users.