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Chinese Power Cords: ins and outs

There is a huge variety of Power Cords. Each country also has its own specifications. On our website, we describe a number of the most noteworthy specifications for international power cable types. In this issue: Chinese mains cables and the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC).

Different plugs and outlets: why, exactly?

There are more than 15 different types of plugs and wall outlets in use around the world. But why are there so many different plugs and outlets? And why isn’t there a single global standard plug format?

Case: cable assembly for illuminated road markings

We recently worked on a solution together with Heijmans for new illuminated road markings along the N329 in Oss (Road of the Future). By joining the effort at an early phase, we were able to develop a suitable sustainable cable assembly.

2E Interconnection and 2E Cable Assembly join forces

As of 1 October, 2E Interconnection and 2E Cable Assembly have joined forces under the name 2E Interconnection. This creates a single organisation where the market can come with all of its cable-related questions.

Appliance inlets and the IEC 60335-1 standard?!

Power cords are increasingly not connected directly to appliances, but via an appliance inlet. A few of our clients have recently switched to power cords with an IEC 60320 C13 connector and/or C19 connector. As a result, they have discovered that the power cords also need to comply with the IEC 60335-1 standard. What does this mean?