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We are specialised in finding solutions in the area of specialised cables. Quality is always a prime consideration: in the technical area, but certainly also when it comes to the level of services. We will truly go to extremes to offer you the best solution.

Optimal delivery performance

We keep our promises: it might seem a no-brainer, but consistent reliability is an absolute necessity in order to keep customers satisfied day after day. Our storage facilities in Asia, Europe and the United States, moreover, allow us to guarantee short delivery times. This means our customers can keep their stocks small and flexible without having to worry about shortages.

The quality you expect

2E Interconnection works to improve quality on a daily basis. Working in close cooperation with our manufacturers allows us to adopt a focused approach to the development and production of our products. As you would expect, we only work with certified suppliers.

The best price

When it comes to our prices, we can keep things short and sweet: our presence on the Chinese market and extensive network allow us to offer the best possible price at every occasion. For some customers, this simply means: 'the lowest price'. For others, it means: 'the lowest price within the context of a package with added value.' In both cases, 2E Interconnection can offer exactly what the customer is looking for.

Flexibility comes first

We are a young, dynamic organisation with a great capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. Our horizontal structure and short lines of communication allow us great freedom of movement. In some cases, this means: supplying new products within a short timeframe. It can also mean: adapting an existing order to the customer's changing wishes at the last moment. We think in terms of solutions, not problems.

Service as a core value

Our customers' interests (rather than our own) serve as the starting point for everything we do. As a result, we can genuinely claim to provide an extremely high level of service. We offer tailor-made arrangements for customers that prefer to set out these aspects in a service level agreement.

Long-term relationships

We achieve an optimal performance in each of these areas, but we truly excel through our ability to combine these strengths. Our aim, after all, is to build long-term relationships with our customers.