Kantoor setting


We try to set up our business management as responsibly as possible. For the most part we do that very practically, based on the idea that we have the world on loan.


We have invested in solar panels. A logical choice as far as we are concerned, because this has enabled us to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions while at the same time saving on energy costs. We have also taken various smaller measures: from automatic light switches to the use of energy-efficient bulbs.

Working conditions

During purchasing activities, we take our responsibility as a link in the chain very seriously. Not only do we define our choices based on price and quality, but we also look at the way in which suppliers and partners deal with working conditions. In order to obtain a proper picture, we visit them at least once every two years.

Training and supervision

We consider it to be important to make a concrete contribution to the training of people. So electrotechnology students can obtain an apprenticeship in our company. We also try to accommodate peaks in our business by deploying people with limited employment opportunities IBN Production puts us into contact with properly trained and motivated experts who can assist in busy periods.