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Because each cable must be of high-grade quality, we work following strict quality standards. Our quality system has been awarded the Dutch TÜV ISO 9001 certificationAnd of course we also comply with the European Directives REACH and RoHS.

ISO 9001

We have set up a quality management system, based on our core values, that we use to undertake our quality management in a structured way (care, control and assurance). During the annual audits, we demonstrate that the system meets the high standards of ISO 9001 quality management. By using this system as a guideline in our daily work, we are able to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction while offering the best solution and the right quality for the best price.


The EU has drafted a Directive on the exposure to chemical agents and chemical safety: REACH (EC) No. 1907/2006.  With the REACH system we manage the risks of chemical agents (such as toxic disasters, fire and explosions), the risk of health damage with employees and consumers and the risk of damage to the environment.

The EC has also drafted a Directive for the restriction of hazardous substances: RoHs (EC) No. 2011/65/EU. This is intended to reduce the use of six substances in the electronics industry:

  • Lead - Pb
  • Mercury - Hg
  • Cadmium - Cd
  • Chromium VI - Cr6+ (hexavalent chromium)
  • PBB (polybrominated biphenyls)
  • PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers)


In our opinion it is important to comply with these rules and only deliver products which meet these regulations.