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Chinese Power Cords: ins and outs

There is a huge variety of Power Cords. Each country also has its own specifications. On our website, we describe a number of the most noteworthy specifications for international power cable types. In this issue: Chinese mains cables and the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC).

Power Cord China C13

Chinese Power Cords have a variety of IEC 60320 connectors. Chinese plugs come in one of two variants: a 2-pin plug (type A) rated for 10A/250V, and a 3-pin plug (type I) rated for 10A/250V and 16A/250V. These Chinese 3-pin plugs may look similar to Australian and Argentinian 3-pin plugs, but they are not exactly the same. How are they different? The pins on the Chinese plug are 1 millimetre longer.

China Compulsory Certificate

Before you can export to China, your product needs to obtain several approvals. All plugs, connections and cables for the Chinese market must be tested and approved by the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC).

For example, all Power Cords must meet the GB2099-1 or GB1002-1 standards. Moreover, once the plugs, connections and cables have been approved, they must also bear the CCC markings.

Stricter and more complex
The number of products that require a CCC has grown dramatically since 1 January 2015. This has made exporting directly and indirectly to China significantly more complex. Unfortunately, many companies are not yet aware of these changes.

The stricter legislation and regulations will also have consequences for current CCC certificate holders: they had until 1 January 2016 to update their certifications. Companies that do not yet have these certifications would do well to quickly arrange certification for their products.

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