Wire harnesses

A wire harness is a collection of electrical wires with connectors that electronically connects different parts inside a product, like a household appliance, in order to transmit power and signals. The electrical wires are mostly bound together by cable ties, clamps or sleeves.

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2E Interconnection manufacturers wire harnesses for the following industries:

  • household appliances
  • office automation
  • medical equipment


We can manufacture a wire harness according to our customer requirements, but our customers can also use our extensive knowledge of wire harness design which can bring them an increase in value of their product through cost effective solutions.

Our wire harnesses are manufactured in factories in The Netherlands, Poland and China depending on required quantities and requested lead times. We have machines and (hand) tools to manufacture our wire harnesses using brands, like AMP/Tyco JST, Lumberg, Molex, Stocko and other top brands. We also use (electronic) boards to build (and test) wire harnesses.

Wire harness production process

The manufacturing process of a wire harness is as follows:

  1. Cut each wire to the length and strip the ends
  2. Crimp a terminal on each end
  3. Test continuity of all wires and verify routing
  4. Install connector housings
  5. Build a wire harness
  6. Visual inspection
  7. Packing

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