Cable assembly

2E Interconnection is your partner for all types of cable assembly and electrical cable components. Besides experienced experts, we also have a wide range of tools and machines. Moreover, we test our cables extensively. This guarantees you top quality.

We crimp terminals and contacts using a selection of stripping and crimping machines and a range of more than a hundred special hand pliers. We monitor the quality of the crimp tools by periodically calibrating them. We also check the crimp results visually and by means of a tensile test.

In order to manufacture the cable and thread to size, we use among other things Schleuniger cutting and stripping machines and Komax cable cutting and stripping machines. We also have different kinds of equipment for dismounting, stripping, crimping, soldering and tin plating, such as a coaxial cable stripping machine, Kirsten applicators, Mecal applicators, Z+F strippers and Weller soldering equipment.

Labelling and coding

For the labelling or coding of your assemblies, we use different kinds of wire markers. With us you can have your products packaged per item or in bulk. We can also provide bulk packaging with labels if required, for instance with your own bar codes.

Testing cables

All our cables are visually inspected for damage and the correct dimensioning. We also electrically test them for continuity and check them mechanically by means of tensile tests. If required, we can subject your cables to a 100% electric test with a test board and our Cirris test computer. This is our standard practice for large production volumes.


Would you like us to cable or assemble your chassis or sheet components? We can do that for you too of course, for both metal and plastic.

Training and Advice

Our experienced employees are trained in accordance with the IPC guidelines and adhere to high quality standards. So we would like to advise you for instance on the choice of the correct plug or connector, whether it be data cables, power cables or coaxial cables.