Optical fibre assembly

We manufacture the most diverse types of optical fibre cables (fibre optics assemblies) in a special dust-free space. From custom made simplex or duplex patch cables to (spooled) multicore distribution cables with fan-out and pulling eye: we are your expert partner.

All cables are tested at the end of the process using an interferometer. The fibre is tuned if required and also tested for insertion loss and return loss. We can also supply a test report with the cables.

Ample stocks

We have ample stocks of standard connectors – such as SC, LC, ST and E2000. This also applies to the most common types of cable in OM1, OM2, OM3 as well as OM4. This means that we can often deliver within a few days.

Multimode and singlemode

All cables in our range are both multimode (50/125 of 62,5/125) and singlemode (9/125). From breakout to pigtail and from tight buffer to semi-tight buffer: we always have the right part. This means we can offer all types of optical fibre cable assembly: UPC (ultra polished connector), PC (polished connector) and APC (angled polished connector).