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a special cable for payment terminals

For the market leader in the field of payment solutions, we recently developed a special cable for payment terminals. Using reverse engineering, we identified the defects in the existing cable and developed a new version.

The customer asked for a re-design of the existing, poorly functioning cable. With the initial design, intensive use led after a while to cable breakages. Another requirement was the use of a smaller USB port.

Betaal 1




betaal 2




betaal 3


We have designed and developed a new solution for the existing product. Thanks to various intensive tests, including a bending test, we can guarantee that the chance of a cable breakage with intensive use is now very little. The more compact design, the integration with a mini USB port and a more flexible cable have made this special cable completely up-to-date and once again compliant with all the requirements of our client.


By constructing the cable differently, it has become more flexible and durable. We have also improved the connection between the cable and the connector, and provided it with perfect protection, so that the cable is now more durable. For quality assurance purposes, all cables are subjected to intensive tests, including a bending test with 10,000 iterations. The result is an extremely slight chance of failure due to cable breakage.

Solid casing

The cable now has connectors in an extrusion-coated solid casing with an integrated PCB. This answers all our client's user requirements and quality requirements. Moreover, the client does justice to its name as a market leader in demonstrating that it is an innovative party, able to translate the requirements of its customers into practical solutions.

For more information about this special cable and other customer-specific cables, please contact us.