Power plug type L

Power plug type L

2E Interconnection supplies Power Cords with power plug type L and all of the other plug types. In this section (‘Power plug type L’) you will find in what country (or continent) power plug type L is used, as well as what connectors, wire types and ratings go with it in this specific country (or continent).

If you have any questions on power plug type L or any of the other plug types (or Power Cords in general), feel free to contact us. Our extensive knowledge of the world market allows us to advise our customers down to the last detail.

Countries Available with connector Wire type Rating Search for
Italy IEC (60)320-C5
IEC (60)320-C13
H05VV-F 3 x 0,75mm2 2.5A/250V
Power Cord by country
Power Cord by standard
Power Cord by connector

Note: We used the following source for the determination of the plug types:

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