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Danish power cords: more sensitive

Power cords come in a huge variety, each country having its own specifications. In this series,
we describe some of the most prominent specs of international power cord types.
In this issue: Danish power cords.

Currently, approximately 15 different types of plugs are used worldwide for domestic application.
The International Trade Administration (ITA) of the American Department of Commerce has assigned
a letter to all these plugs, starting from A and ending in O.

electricity tiles type K 200 px

Type K-200-pxThe Danish standard is type K. Noticeable are the special type of plugs used
in Denmark for sensitive equipment (e.g., computers) and devices for the
medical sector.

Sensitive equipment

The requirements for plugs used in equipment that is extra sensitive to power
spikes and surges are described in Afsnit 107-2-D1, Standard Sheet DK 2-5a.
The pins on a data circuit plug are flatter and not round, with a rating up to

Medical devices

The requirements for medical grade plugs are outlined in Afsnit 107-2-D1, Standard Sheet DK 2-8a.
This medical connector has a flat line pin and a round neutral pin with a rating of up to 16A/250V.

 DK 2 5a socket 1   DK 2 5a plug   DK 2 8a socket   DK 2 8b plug
DK 2-5a socket  DK 2-5a plug  DK 2-8a socket   DK 2-8a plug 

DEMKO is the standards testing agency for Denmark.